Hotel Stratford Santa Clara - 2499 El Camino,
		Santa Clara, California 95051


Check In: Jan 27
Check Out: Jan 28

Accommodations conveniently located to Levi Stadium

Whether you are watching Colin Kaepernick lead the San Francisco 49ers Victory, the PAC 10 Championship, the San Jose Earthquakes, or Wrestlemania, Hotel Stratford is located a mere 10 minute drive from Levi Stadium.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers 2014 Home Schedule

  Pre Season
  August 17   1 p.m.   Denver Broncos
  August 24   1 p.m   San Diego Chargers

  Regular Season

  September 14   5:40 p.m.   Chicago Bears
  September 28   1:25 p.m.   Philadelphia Eagles
  October 5   1:25 p.m.   Kansas City Chiefs
  November 2   1:05 p.m.   St. Louis Rams
  November 23   1:25 p.m   Washington Redskins
  November 27

  5:30 p.m.

  Seattle Seahawks
  December 20   1:30 p.m.   San Diego Chargers
  December 28   1:25 p.m.   Arizona Cardinals
Levi Stadium

For other events and ticketing please visit Levi Stadium box office by CLICKING HERE